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Rapid Bulk 600

Rapid Bulk 600


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Quick Overview

200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate

200mg/ml Boldenone Undeclynate 200mg/ml Nandrolone Decanoate



Product Description
This is simply a "CORE BLEND" of products that works well for just about anyone from a newbie beginner to a seasoned pro who just wants a good moderate stack of three of the most well known compounds ever! We have added equal parts of Test Cyp, Deca Durabolin and Equipoise to this blend. This Hybrid combines two anabolic agents with one androgen. This will help promote protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and increased muscle tissue. The Equipoise works well to harden the physique and stimulate a nice increase in appetite. EQ also has a very nice effect on vascularity and gives the body a nice appearance, this seems to be from the increase in red blood cell production. The Nandrolone or Deca works equally well for definition and size creating a nice stable environment in which muscle can be put on in a slow and controlled manner. This is important because unlike with bulking type compounds, deca's gains tend to be permanent once it has been concluded. Deca also has a nice joint lubrication effect which alleviates sore and tender joints, ligaments and tendons. Lastly, Testosterone Enanthate has been added as a basic testosterone which will help build muscle and increase lean tissue size and power. Testosterone is the basic anabolic for size, muscular strength and overall power. Combining this with two nice compounds like EQ and DECA has been done for years yet we have always had to take 3 or even 4 separate injections per week. With this formula everything is combined into one unique hybrid. Taking 2-3ml per week in standard and will create nice gains in size and muscle density. This hybrid should be used for no fewer than 8 weeks for maximum results.

Side Effects
Both Nandrolone and Boldenone present very few possible side effects, even in high doses, however Nandrolone does suppress natural testosterone levels so it's important to run a pct program at the conclusion of the cycle. Long term side effects are practically non existent with these compounds and water retention or gyno doesn't seem to be an issue. Testosterone Enanthate could lead to possible water retention in doses over 1000mg per week. However in moderate doses of 200-800mg per week there should be relatively few sides and whatever sides do arise should subside within 4 weeks of discontinued use.

Important Note: the label printer mistakenly printed the manufacturing date instead of the expiration date. This product expires 12/21

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Germany
Ingredient(s) Boldenone Undecylenate, Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Cypionate, Grapeseed Oil, Ethyl Oleate (numbing agent)
Concentrate (mg/mL or IU's) 600mg/1ml
Vial 10 ml
Manufacturer Anarchy Anabolic
Tab Color N/A
Half-Life No
Water Retention No
Liver Toxicity No
Aromatization No
DHT Conversion No

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