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10 Week Lean and Dense Cycle

10 Week Lean and Dense Cycle

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Quick Overview

Optimized Use:

Anarchy Primobolan 100mg/ml- 1ml Monday and 1 ml Friday; Weeks 1-10

Dry Stack 300mg/ml - 1ml Monday, 1ml Wednesday and 1ml Friday; Weeks 1 -10

AnaViron 50mg 50mg/tab - 1 tab (Monday -Friday) entire 10 weeks on cycle.


Anarchy Primo 100 x 2 bottles
Dry Stack 300 x 3 bottles
Anaviron 50mg x 1 bottle

The 10 Week Lean and Dense Cycle is a nice little combination of products that will help really increase the hardness of the body and give you that coveted summer body with a 6 pack and abs that chicks dig. This cycle isn't going to get you huge and massive but instead is going to help you fall more into the MMA, CrossFit Body type of look.

This cycle will help peel fat off your midsection while adding slabs of dense lean muscle to your arms, chest, back and legs. It's a nice "Dry Cycle" meaning that nothing will aromatize to estrogen and there should be zero water or estrogenic issues. We start with our "Dry Stack 300" by Anarchy. This blend of leaning and hardening compounds will help change your body fast and get you ready for a photo shoot or the stage quickly. Results in fat loss and muscle gain are usually seen within the first 7 days at 3ml per week.

Next we add in an all time favorite, Anarchy Primobolan at 100mg x 2ml per week. Most who have used Primo enjoy the fact that there is zero water retention and that the gains made are pretty much there to stay!. This solid anabolic will help you acquire muscle tissue quickly and get your body where it needs to be in terms of overall conditioning fast! Primo combined with the Dry Stack produces immediate changes in the quality of your physique while thinning the skin out so that muscularity is more pronounced.

We finish this cycle off with our unique "AnaViron" combo. This little combination of Anavar and Proviron is really quite spectacular. Anavar as we know gives the body a really unique appearance and helps the user quickly change his/her body composition. Now, by adding Proviron to the mix we not only increase the effectiveness of all the other compounds but we also add in Proviron's ability to generate a dense and dry look to the muscle tissue. Proviron is a unique anabolic that truly changes the look of muscle but it has to be used for at least 5 weeks to see the effect! The addition of AnaViron is going to blow you away!

This cycle will leave you, your friends and the people in the gym saying "WTF!" Enjoy your new body!

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