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10 Week Peeled and Shredded Protocol

10 Week Peeled and Shredded Protocol

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3 x Shredding Hybrid 250   +$0.00
2 x Anavar25   +$0.00
1 x Winstrol 25   +$0.00
1 x Clenbuterol 40   +$0.00
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Quick Overview

Optimized Use:

Shredding Hybrid 250mg/ml - 1ml Monday, 1ml Wed, and 1ml Friday

weeks 1-10

Anavar 25mg/tab - 1 tab every day weeks 1-7

Winstrol 25mg/tab - 2 tabs per day weeks 8-10

Clenbuterol 40mcg/tab - 1 tab per day weeks 6-10

Arimidex 1mg/tab - 1 tab 3/4 days per week, weeks 1-10


Shredding Hybrid 250 x 3 bottles
Anavar 25 x 2 bottle
Winstrol 25mg x 1 bottle
Clenbuterol 40mcg x 1 bottle
Arimidex x 1 bottle

Welcome to the world of razor thin skin, abs with cuts so deep that you can put your finger between them and ridiculous dry and grainy muscle with veins mapped across them. This is exactly what the 10 Week Peeled and Shredded Protocol will do for you. This protocol was designed with our Shredding Hybrid as the base compound used each week for 10 weeks.

The fast acting compounds will deliver everything you need in the ultimate cutting and body recomp cycle without having to take multiple injections from multiple different bottles. Our all in one formulas have become favorites among pros for just that reason!

On top of the Shredding Hybrid we have added Anavar for the first 5 weeks at 50mg per day. Anavar will deliver high yielding gains with minimal water and bloat. In fact most think that Anavar will not result in good gains but if used at dosages higher than 20mg per day for at least 5 weeks at a time, you will find it delivers not only big results but permanent results. Not to mention, Anavar seems to have a solidifying property that causes muscle tissue to look dry and dense with increased vascularity.

After your first 7 weeks on Anavar we change the oral compound over to Winstrol at 50mg (2 tabs per day) for the last 3 weeks of the 10 week shredding cycle. This gives the finishing touches to the body and creates that coveted razor thin skin look that everybody is after. The results are quite distinguishable after just a few days on this cycle. It really is incredible how fat is lost while muscle is acquired simultaneously!

Of course no shredding cycle would be complete without the addition of Clenbuterol the last 6 weeks so we add in clenbuterol at 40mcg per day for weeks 6-10. This always is a nice touch to increase muscle hardness and eliminate those last few trouble spots where fat seems to always accumulate.

Lastly, we have included Arimidex to help minimize any estrogen related sides and keep the body looking sharp. We recommend using the Arimidex at least 3/4 x per week to completely eliminate water retention and any possible estrogenic sides.

The end result of this cycle will be a completely different body with increased lean mass and drastic fat loss! Most users follow this cycle with proper diet, nutrition and cardio. If you follow a decently strict program your results will be breathtaking!

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