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Thick and Diesel 10 Week Stack

Thick and Diesel 10 Week Stack

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Stack Price: $555.00

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2 x Mass Construction 500   +$0.00
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Quick Overview

Optimized Use:

Weeks 1-10
Mass Construction 500mg/ml - 1ml Monday & 1ml Friday
Dianabol 50mg/tab - 1 x 50mg tab taken daily
Arimidex 1mg/tab - 1mg tab taken 3/4 x per week.. (every other day)


Anabolic Anarchy Mass Construction 500 x 2 bottles (10ml/bottle)
Anabolic Anarchy Dianabol 50mg x 2 bottles (50tabs/bottles)
Anabolic Anarchy Arimidex 1mg x 1 bottle (50 tabs)

Thick and Diesel 10 Week Stack Regular Price = 685.00
Thick and Diesel Special 10 Week Discounted Price = $548.00

Introducing our 10 Week Thick and Diesel Stack. This stack was designed to take the guess work out of getting big, thick and dense. This favorite was designed by one of our resident IFBB Pro's to give the "Intermediate Anabolic User" something they could achieve rapid thickness and size with.
We start with Mass Construction at 1000mg per week for 10 weeks. This blend incorporates several testosterone esters as well as a nice amount of nandrolone. Alone this will increase lean mass rapidly and help put on slabs of dense tissue in no time at all. Most users report extreme mass gains over the 10 weeks and minimal fat accumulation if a "Clean Bulking Diet" with solid Macros is followed. 

Next we add in 50mg of Dianabol Daily for 10 weeks. In conjunction with the Mass Construction 500 we have layered in a potent oral Anabolic that will increase nitrogen retention in muscle tissue and protein assimilation. The combination of Mass Construction and Anarchy Dianabol will leave the user with ridiculous gains in Mass, Incredible Pumps and at least 19-20lbs of added tissue over a 10 week period.

Lastly we have added the addition of Arimidex at 100tabs. We recommend taking at least 1 tab 3/4 days per week with this cycle as estrogen and water retention can always arise during the use of higher dosed bulking agents. Arimidex will eliminate Estrogen Activity and help the user stay dry and hard during the most intense bulking cycle. This 10 week cycle can be used in the following manner

Be sure and conclude this cycle with a strong and proper PCT to regain natural testosterone production and increase the likelihood of retaining your gains from the cycle.

You will not be disappointed with this cycle and it will take you from the amateur level to a National Level physique in just a few short months. Dense, solid and dry lean tissue are a definite with the Thick and Diesel 10 Week Cycle. Enjoy my friends!

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